Triflow Concepts are encouraging everyone to join the Back to Tap campaign

Recognising the need for fresh drinking water whilst on the move, Triflow Concepts has developed the reusable Triflask. Without compromising on style, the Triflask offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to the ubiquitous throw-away bottle which is wreaking havoc on our environment. Durable, portable, stylish and convenient; the unique Triflask is the perfect Triflow accessory. Simply remove the lid, fill up from your Triflow tap and say goodbye to bottled water! Triflow Concepts are also offering discounts on many filter taps. (Subject to terms and conditions)

GoinGreen free service for a year

GoinGreen, the market leaders in electric vehicles in the UK, are offering a year’s free service to members of our 'Back To Tap' campaign with the purchase of a G-Wiz electric car. The G-Wiz is the best selling electric vehicle (EV) in the UK, powered entirely by electricity. It is small, nippy and a great environmentally friendly car which Triflow Concepts like so much that we drive it ourselves.

For more information please contact Sylvia Tong on 020 7079 0541 or via email at
So what are you waiting for? It is time to think of our future, it is time to go Back to Tap. JOIN US >

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